We undertake a range of commissioned work. Here are some examples.

Arts, culture and creativity: a guide for governing boards

Front page of the guide

Produced for Arts Council England and the National Governance Association. This guide provides an introduction to cultural education, outlining how you can work strategically to achieve your ambition for all pupils to receive a rich and diverse cultural education.

We recommend schools:

  • make cultural education part of your vision for the future
  • use your vision to develop strategic goals and policy
  • engage stakeholders in a whole school approach
  • invest sufficient resources

Arts, Culture and Creativity: developing your school curriculum and enriching teaching and learning

Building on our hugely successful training for school governors, and in response to consultation with school leaders from across England, we are delighted to have worked in partnership with The Mighty Creatives to offer a new CPD programme which focuses on the use of arts and cultural education in school improvement in the East Midlands.

We can also offer bespoke courses, and those timed to suit you anywhere in in the UK, and are offering some public course dates which you can find on our CPD page.

European Parliament Educational Resources

We are delighted to announce All Ways Making has been working on a contract for the European Parliament to produce a set of educational resources for teachers of students across the UK, in years 12 and 13.  The resource will be available soon at:

You can also download the resources here:
All About Series
The Environment
Shared Culture
Rights, Obligations and Benefits
Everyday Life

European Parliament

Whole school improvement and pupil learning during COVID-19: the role of arts, culture and creative learning

Supported by Arts Council England,  we are researching and developing new CPD for school leaders.
Currently convening sector representatives to provide expert feedback and professional insight to inform the development of high quality, highly relevant and accessible CPD. We look forward to creating this CPD for delivery to senior leaders in schools across the country 2020/21.

Arts Council England

Arts Council England

Relaunched in 2019, we’ve developed an e-learning module for Arts Council England and the National Governance Association.

The module focuses on six key areas where schools can use arts and cultural education to improve outcomes through:

– a broad and balanced curriculum
– school community and parents
– health and wellbeing
– spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
– social mobility
– developing life skills and employability skills

Read more about the module release and access it here

European Parliament

Through 2019 we facilitated a range of local consultation events about the European Union. 

When we ask questions about the European Union, we hear a lot from the usual suspects: those who bang on about the “Single Market”, “The European Medicines Agency” and “Euratom” and how freedom of movement is so beneficial for all of us. Often it’s hard to explain in everyday language how being part of Europe benefits us on a daily basis. We wanted to hear what matters to you about where you live and work, so we can connect with what effect Europe has on everyday life.

Does being in Europe make your life easier, better and more rewarding? If so how? If not, why not? This event is designed for people who can tell us about their work, their family, their friends and neighbours, their passions, their local community, and if being part of Europe has made a difference in one or more of these areas. What you say will shape how the event is run and will form the basis of a strategic plan for Liverpool, Merseyside and the North West. The aim is to stimulate action and develop awareness within our local communities of how Europe benefits the North West.

We wanted people to help us realise what these local benefits are, where benefits are not felt and crucially to also be empowered to communicate benefits in a way that will enable other people to form their own positive links with Europe. Feedback from the events included:

“Thank you for organising today, I’ve got a lot of benefit”

“I think today’s gone really well, it’s been nice to share, I feel less alone”

“Thank you to all of the organisers. It’s not easy for me to come into the room and speak my mind in front of everyone but I felt very lucky to share my opinions with people. We had lots of positive dialogues and exchanges of thoughts and opinions.”


Working in partnership with Improbable these events have led to this report as an outcome from the commission by the European Parliament Liaison Office in London.

Cambridge Community Arts Evaluation

We have been working with with Cambridge Community Arts (CCA) over the last few months evaluation and produced this report on the Horizon’s project.

Horizons is the start of a conversation with artists working in the community, looking at what constitutes high quality good practice in arts for mental health and wellbeing. The project was part of a process being undertaken by Cambridge Community Arts to further develop its work, share its practice and contribute to the development of arts for mental health and well-being in Cambridge and beyond. It provided an opportunity to observe and analyse the work of Cambridge Community Arts and to begin to understand more about essential components for realising excellence including high quality practice and outstanding outcomes for participants.

The project was funded by Arts Council England and Cambridge City Council involving three, six-week courses. Each course focused on a different art form including dance, creative digital arts and painting. The project concluded with a celebration event in the Clore Education Studio, at Kettles Yard. Experienced artists led the courses and were supported by volunteers. Amongst participants were immersed artists who were participating for their continued professional development, gaining new artistic skills and workshop facilitation skills.

See our project report for what we discussed and our recommendations for next steps.

IVE Governor Training

We have been working with We Are IVE, delivering Governor training on Arts and Cultural Education and Whole School Improvement.

At our most recent session only 10% of school governors had heard of Artsmark and/or their Bridge organisation. By the end of the training everyone had committed to personalised actions and next steps including:
– finding out more about Artsmark
– linking their school with their Bridge organisation
– undertaking an audit of arts at their school
– speaking with their Chair about what they have learnt
– recognising and celebrating good arts education at their school
– finding out more about Arts Award

“What a great session you did for us. Passionate, informative, inspiring and up lifting. What more could we ask for”

Sue Gallop, School Governor – Retired Headteacher / School Adviser