Writing and designing E-Learning

The team has a wealth of experience in writing and designing curriculum materials, training programmes and online learning. Covering a range of topics from project risks, social enterprise, arts education and the below case study about arts and cultural education training for governors and trustees.

European Parliament Education Resources

We have been working on a new series of information for year 12 and 13 students; available to download on our commissions page.

Arts and cultural education: improving your school and its curriculum

All Ways Making Director Christina Birt was commissioned by Arts Council England (ACE) to design and develop the module, with the National Governance Association and working with Virtual College. 

It was published in December 2018 to all registered learners on the National Governance Association (NGA) Learning Link platform. Here’s the announcement. It was relaunched in Autumn 2019.

The module aims to

  • provide essential information about how arts and cultural education should be used to support school improvement and where learners can go to find out more
  • empower governors, trustees and their governing boards to find new ways to support the improvement of their pupils’ education through arts and cultural education
  • help governors and trustees identify next steps to strengthen arts and cultural education in their schools and increase its contribution to improvement in their school

91% of learners who took the module said that the module has and will change their governance practice in relation to arts and cultural education.

98% of learners who took the module said that they will recommend the module to others.

“The module has had a significant impact on improving the knowledge of most learners who took the module”

National Governance Association

“Arts Council England is delighted to have worked with Christina (Director, All Ways Making) to develop this excellent learning resource which has benefitted from both her expertise and thorough knowledge of cultural education and the important and influential role of governors.” 

Arts Council England