Our Work

Our work includes a range of services. These include:

Project Development
Taking seeds of ideas and working with our clients to map out what the project could achieve and how to get there.

Improving Health and Wellbeing through access to Arts Workshops and Arts Therapies
We deliver health and wellbeing enhancing work through our workshops and from qualified therapists.

A particular strength of our offering is our considerable experience in evaluating arts and learning projects; from helping you to devise your plan through to delivery of the full evaluation programme.

Organisational Development and Training
Every organisation is different, every staff member has a different need too. Our work includes a close collaboration with you and every internal stakeholder to help develop your resilience in this ever changing world through plans and training.

Project Management
We can help manage projects from start to finish and have a highly experienced team who have worked on a range of projects – worth millions to those on a much smaller scale.

Programme Conceptualisation
Working with organisations to look at the holistic approach to their work – featuring a programme of projects, developments and service offering. This tends to sit between our organisational development and project development work. You might have a strong structure, and potentially some great individual projects, we can help you align these and maximise resources through developing a structured programme of work.

Writing & Designing E-Learning
We have experience transforming our training from the live room to digital rooms. This can be great for organisations with members or staff team spread around the country. Take a look at our E-Learning for Arts Council England and the National Governance Association.

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