Our Projects

We are a new Community Interest Company and are building on the past work of our team.  We will be growing our range and number of projects over the coming month.  If you’re keen to work with us on one then please get in touch.

Celebration of Peter Hall

Festival of Culture in Heart of East Anglia, celebrating the life of Sir Peter Halll

Arts Council England has provided grant funding to undertake initial consultation for a Festival of Culture in the Heart of East Anglia as a launch project for All Way Making. The plan involves the continuation of the development and delivery of this festival over a three year period 2018-2021. The festival provides a context for programming a wide range of activities for engaging with communities across art and culture, education and health.

Download the project outline

Creative Critics

Creative Critics

Arts Council England has provided grant funding to explore potential collaboration with new art festivals for the development and delivery of Creative Critics.

Creative Critics has a successful track record delivering in partnership with three festivals across three counties in England and we are now ensuring future sustainability and growth by bringing the projects development in to our CIC.  We will be delivering the programme with other festivals and our Peter Hall celebration soon.

Download our 2017 Evaluation of Creative Critics

We’re working with Manchester International Festival 2019 to deliver Creative Critics, find out more at: