About Us

All Ways Making is dedicated to developing creative, learning, healthy communities. Our work aims to strengthen cultural participation and artistic engagement. We are all about working in partnership, developing strong, democratic and innovative collaborations. Children and young people are a key priority.



Our work is about making a creative, learning, healthy world:

  1. strengthening cultural participation and artistic engagement
  2. building confident lifelong learners, creative and critical thinkers and excellent communicators
  3. supporting mental health, wellbeing and resilience improving relationships with self and others



Our emphasis is on:

  1. creating bespoke carefully designed processes to achieve sustainable outcomes and maximum impact
  2. partnership working, developing strong, democratic and innovative collaborations, achieving more than the sum of their parts



We believe:

  1. Creativity and culture strengthens communities, creates belonging and improves lives;
  2. Creative and critical thinking are important skills in 21st Century
  3. Creativity and participation in the arts can build relationships, enhance self-worth and confidence
  4. Creative and cultural opportunities can provide environments for diverse communities and under-represented voices to be heard
  5. Creative and cultural lifelong learning can be inspirational, enriching and motivating
  6. Creative and cultural experiences supports good health and well being
  7. Creativity and the arts deepens awareness, activates more of our mental capacity and provides opportunities for growth and healing


Creativity Wheel:

Creativity Wheel